All the Reasons I am a Feminist

Feminist theories and doctrines are diverse, but their unifying feature is a common desire to enhance through whatever means, the social role of women. Their underlying themes are that society is characterised by sexual or gender inequality and that the structure of male power can and should be overturned. 

Because men and women are still defined, pressured and mutually oppressed by their gender

Because women are still being told that marriage and children are simply a part of their destined path

Because women who don’t choose to have children are looked upon as a) unnatural b) undesirable c) just going through a “phase” (“natural” order will be restored as soon as she has passed this “phase”, of course)

Because women are still blamed for sexual abuse, sexual harassment and/or rape

Because women are still viewed as emotional outcasts who are ruled by their feelings and hormones (although science tells us that both men and women have these, only women can be “hormonal”, of course)

Because there are still administrations, parliaments, cabinets and board rooms that lack equal (or even adequate) female representation

Because women are still being told that if they do not act “elegant”, they are “un-ladylike” and subsequently undesirable

Because women are still loosing out on job promotions, higher salaries and company bonuses

Because women are still viewed as delicate and fragile creatures who ought to be protected and defended (this is where the whole damsel-in-distress comes in)

Because women who enjoy sex are still viewed as promiscuous miscreants who lack “self-respect”, “morals/ethics” and “dignity/integrity”

Because women who report cases of rape are asked what they were “wearing”, how “drunk” they were, or how “flirtatious” they were with their attackers

Because a woman’s worth can still be measured by how she looks

Because women are still denied access to birth control and abortions

Because women are still being conditioned to think that loosing virginity equals “de-flowering” (since when were women anything like flowers anyway?)

Because women are still not being consulted on whether they want  to be defended or protected, it is simply assumed that they require it. Ostensibly because they are not qualified to (physical capability) or because it is simply natural for them to assume rescuee roles

Because women are still being told that modesty is the pinnacle of self-respect and suitability

All these reasons lie at the heart of a systematically patriarchal (rule by men) society. These kind of attitudes do not subside unless we educate all those who are victims of it. Gender has been engrained in us from the moment we are born, there is no escaping it. Everywhere we go we battle with images, ideas and attitudes that teach us that because of our gender, we are just naturally different. This couldn’t be further from the truth, gender has been designed to keep us in a box that we cannot escape out of until we fully understand what it is and how it is affecting us. The sooner we realise this, the closer we can get to living in a world where all of these reasons become distant and unwelcome memories (not the good kind of memories, the horrible send-a-shiver-down-your-spine kind). The reality is that men cry, they like to cuddle, they get emotional as well, but this does not make them “womanly”. In fact, if we cancel the entire a “womanly” concept out, they turn out to be just people.  There is no box that you can put someone into simply because they don’t fit into a false genderhood that you have created for them. People are not designed to live in straightjackets. Flourishing on your own accord, by your own standard is societal liberation.


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  1. Reblogged this on The Instinctive Path and commented:
    It’s important that we work towards liberation as equals and not under some “natural” and imaginary box. I’d like to thank sisters like MohadesaReverie who have enlightened and made me aware of the destructiveness of gender.

  2. Found this on MSN and I’m happy I did. Well written article.

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