My List Of Non-beleifs



The notion of a permanent, unalterable celestial dictatorship that subjects us to continuance surveillance, regards us as private property even after we died and wants us to love and fear him simultaneously is just absurd. This is a master-slave relationship and I have no desire to live as an abject slave. I do not believe that one could not do right action or avoid wrong one except for the hope of a divine reward or the fear of divine retribution. To borrow from Hitchens, religion was human’s first and worst attempt to make sense of reality. For this reason it was the best we could do at a time when we had no concept of physics, chemistry or biology. Today, we have a tremendous amount of knowledge about the Universe and its functioning, the idea of a  benevolent force directing cosmic movement is no longer apposite or even necessary. A belief in god places us at the centre of the Universe with everything arranged ostensibly with us in mind- we know this is not true since the earth is but a insignificantly small speck in the cosmos. I am a moral, autonomous individual without a deity managing the edifice of my life.


We created time in order to provide us humans order. Yet, all it has done is bound us. Constrain us. Suffocate us. Time really has no beginning or ending- we have given it beginning and ending. I do not believe in the idea of time running out, because time never really started. Once you accept this and stop being bound by your watch and calendar, it can be hugely empowering. Live with concept of time in mind, but do not live with time as your framework. Do not allow yourself to become a slave to banal man-made creations.


Everything is essentially a collection of atoms. When you are looking at a shoe, you are simply looking at a collection of atoms that appear to you as a shoe.  For this reason I believe that everyone experiences different realities. None of them are right and none of them are systematically wrong. What does “reality” even mean? You do not see things as they are, you see them as you are. I do not believe in a monolithic conception of reality. It varies from person to person and we cannot impose our own realities on others. But, accepting that there is no 1 reality, allows for us to live by our own rules and effectively contruct a reality that is free from the interference of others. I’ve fallen into deep existential crises through pondering on what reality means for myself, and I have yet to provide any answers. Sometimes I feel as though reality is tantamount to being buried alive. One thing I am open to: none of this may be real.


Humans are complex creatures and we evolve a myriad of times throughout our lifetimes. When you wake up tomorrow, you are under no obligation to be the same person you were the day before. Some of us change so often that sometimes we look back and think “I really did that at one time?!”. For this reason I believe that we are not bound by our past selves and should not feel obliged to remain consistent. Yes, absolute inconsistency is less than desirable, but I find it more noble for a Xenophobe to pronounce tomorrow he/she is suddenly a multiculturalist, than to continue living by static principles on the basis of “consistency”. I have been told countless times that I make too many “rash” decisions that lead to my inconsistency. Yet, all I see is my own evolution and growth. Is inconsistency the adoption of anything you feel is right at the time? Then yes, I am inconsistent and proud. We confine ourselves to so many different rules and procedures and largely fear the prospect of change. Being consistently open to reform and alteration is inconsistent, but it is also admirable, courageous and rewarding.


When it comes to speech and action most of us think profusely before speaking and/or do something we want. This is crucial and allows us to filter. But, do we spend too much time readying our steps, calculating our methods and plotting strategy? Yes. Yes. And Yes. For anyone who knows me, I am very much an open book. This is because I see no value in pre-mediating your steps insofar as they become artificial and inauthentic. If you ask me a question, I will answer with brutal honesty. This has led to much “inappropriateness” among people I meet for the first time. Do I regret this? Never. I do not believe in mass strategy. I do not believe in the constant stifling of instinct. I do not believe in suppressing your true thoughts to cater to somebody else. Most of the time, If I feel something I will share it. I am more than aware that some individuals do not possess similar levels of confidence, but we are a collective that worries far too much on methodology than application. I especially apply non-strategy to affairs of intimacy and love. If you treat such delicate matters as a strategic game, you will always feel played at the end. Do not ever plan intimacy. Do not ever plot your moves with love. We so greatly undervalue vulnerability in our relationships that honesty has somehow been replaced by “keenness”. When you are honest with someone, you may be labelled “keen”. When you over-strategise life, everything becomes procedural and drained of essence.


Life-long physical, emotional, legal and financial commitment to a single individual? Just unnatural.


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  1. lucieek says:

    I must agree with your last point. I think, that is unnecessary- If you love one person, you don’t need to get marriade. Just in my opinion.

  2. Lorraine says:

    This is a perfect read for me as I feel the same way. Thanks for posting.

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