Accepting Life’s Uncertainty: Letting go of Fear of The Future


“Every day I wake up, I have different teeth, different muscles, and I am a wholly different person. How do you expect me to fit into words and languages when I am sounds, movements, activity, being, becoming. On a fundamental level, we are all just the essence of the Universe being acted out in a human format” – Mohadesa Najumi.

Nothing in life is certain. Even the uncertainty is uncertain. This is the great truth of existence that is lost on almost all living beings. We cling to comfort. We latch onto security. The primary feature of our lives appears to be an addiction to escape and our blind believe in intangible phenomenons such as that of happiness. But, what does it mean to truly live? It means an acceptance of life as an uncertain, fleeting experience in the blissful repose of nothingness. It remains that the unpredictable sequences of life is impenetrable to us. This is the primary reason for why life is uncertain. The future is totally out of our control and this uncertainty causes fear in us.

People are unhappy because they cannot accept the way things are. They cannot accept the natural uncertainty of life. And so they live in turmoil. In regret. They latch onto the past as a source of comfort not knowing that there is only one place one can truly live. And that is in the moment, in the second, the day. It is the tale of every story that denial only causes more pain. And we are all in a state of denial about our inability to truly live in the moment. Our minds are always somewhere else. At work. At home. In a memory. But never in the moment we are actually living in.

“All negativity is caused by an accumulation of psychological time and denial of the present. Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry – all forms of fear – are caused by too much future, and
not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms
of nonforgiveness are caused by too much past, and not enough presence.” – Eckhart Tolle

The inability to live in the present is a common human feeling, but it is an emotion that creates a desperation for re-connection to the real world and the effects of this are usually depression and anxiety. You can learn to re-connect by ridding yourself of the man-made human construction of fear and learning to become one with everything. The uncertainty. The confusion. The unanswered questions. Because once you can accept life’s uncertainty, you can come back into the present and you begin to really live. 

One of our biggest universal mental problems is our inability to be present. Depression, and its tenets of fear and anxiety are created by the face that you cannot be present in your own own body, in your own experience and you end up living on the edge of reality; watching your own life happen to you. The burden of disconnection is a pain that many of us bear today and possibly have to for every day of our lives. But, the relief is to know that it is more than possible to be present, to accept that the future will always be unsure and to ultimately reverse the viscous cycle of fear and anxiety about the future.

“An alive person or anything alive has to be unpredictable. What is going to happen in the next moment cannot be forecast, and because it is unpredictable, it becomes intense” – Osho.

For as long as the future is impenetrable to us, we must find ways to adjust to the uncertainty and unpredictability that comes with just being alive. As part of our inescapably hardwired biology, we are conditioned to be fearful of threats and this is how our homo ancestors evolved in order to survive. However, just as Darwin himself declared, a species that does not adjust itself to its environment will suffer as a result. And so mankind is fear and anxiety that is no longer useful because we have to find a way to function in a highly industrialised and globalised world without being permanently on edge. We all struggle with fear of the future and our mental power is difficult for us to manage because we can’t even comprehend it’s full force. The mind is like a highly complicated engine that runs constantly and is bathed in chemicals of both biological hardwiring and social conditioning. But, we all possess the power to control our minds. You have mental power. I have mental power. We are all conscious beings with the ability to simultaneously conceive of ourselves and others in relation to ourselves. This is a deeply social skill and can be utilised in powerful ways.

Fear is a human construction. It is not a creation of the mind. It does not exist. We have manufactured this feeling as a biological defence against attack or possible death and this ‘flight or fight’ response has kept our homo-species going for almost 300,000 years. But now is the time to change. We must accept the uncertainty of life and become one with our selves by letting go of fear of the future. Fear is crippling, it is disabling.  At best, it disrupts day-to-day functioning and at worst it ruins lives.

The past is always closed and the future is remains open. Certainty implies choice. But there is no real choice in our lives. The ocean is beautiful because the waves just flow, they have no direction. Stop trying to understand and explain everything. Accept the flow. Come to terms with the fact that you are not in control. Be a wave and let life take possession of you. There is no real direction. So keep dropping the suitcases of your past through the airport of your mind if you have to just so you can eventually land in the present where the alive live.


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