Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Night Before You Sleep

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“Who was I today?”

“Did I love today?”

“Did I hurt anyone?”

“Did I hurt myself?”

“Did I do wrong to others?”

“Did I punish myself?”

“Why did I punish myself?

“Am I pursuing what want?”

“Did I forgive?”

And lastly.. “What did I do today to be the change want to see in the world?”

If you can ask yourself these questions every night before you sleep and be satisfied with your answers, then you got all the questions wrong. Your answers should always verge on wanting to do more.. more.. never be satisfied with doing good. Do as much good as you possibly can. There is no limit to being a non-harmful person so go as extreme as you can. The trick is to answer all these questions with this answer:

“Today I tried. Tomorrow I will try. And I will try again after that. Every day is a new opportunity to be better and more wholesome. I am only satisfied when I am enriched and through enriching others. I was not perfect today because I am human. But today I tried to do all the things in the questions I ask myself before I sleep, and tomorrow I will try again”. 

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What is the point of being a conscious human with no desire to expand your consciousness? Our ancestors used their version of consciousness to survive in primitive environments and now we have the ability to explore the contours of our mind more than ever in order to adapt to our version of consciousness. We are living in a “Real Virtuality” as they like to call it..We are no longer living in virtual realities, instead we have the ability to be gods of our own. Our thoughts are shaping our spaces like never before. Technology (which is the product of the mind) has transformed the nature of time and space and now we are overcoming boundaries. Just like applications require coding, humans must expand their thinking in order to enhance their learning capacity.

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Look at your brain as a system of coding. The more information you have, the more you can expand. Your brain grows with knowledge and critical questions are the key to enhancing your cognitive state.

A non-conscious mind is a waste of knowledge and power. The reason why you should ask yourself these questions every night before you sleep is because your mind becomes automated to respond to these tasks and doing good will slowly, and gradually start to become you. You will embody goodness and become addicted to love, forgiveness, knowledge, peace, altruism, connections and self-realisation. You will start to live through the higher power of your own own-ness. Hold yourself accountable every day and you will never be satisfied with how much good you can do. Your goodness will become limitless and every day of your life on earth will become dedicated to fulfilling all these questions.. Team self-reflection! Remember that all advice is primarily autobiographical.. 😉

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