7 Dutch Boys in Tokyo

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“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

I’ve come across many projects while living in Amsterdam for the past two years. Not one has caught my eye as much as a new project by the name of 7 Dutch Boys in Tokyo. 7 Dutch Boys in Tokyo is a fun web series which chronicles the adventures of young Dutch men in Tokyo, Japan. There is many independent films to look out for online, but I like this one because it is simply honest, funny and interesting to watch. I love all that is international; travel, culture, music and knowledge. When something is international, it is easier to share; it is universal. 7 Dutch Boys makes travelling to East Asia look easy and while all the educated men speak fluent Dutch, most of them have mixed nationalities, so you get to hear them speak different languages (in sexy accents of course) so the show actually becomes an interesting exploration of their identities in another city.

Race is still an issue in the Netherlands and multiculturalism is far from perfect here, however 7 Dutch Boys in Tokyo is a signal of how people are overcoming divides and binding in international settings. The cultural origins of the Dutch Boys is Polish, Pakistani, Indonesian, Moroccan etc. and viewers are given insights from a range of different perspectives, overall you will be more educated about international travel, Dutch culture and Japanese traditions by the end of it.

“All glory comes from daring to begin”

I love to travel because I feel comfortable and happy the most when I am in transit. I like to wander. Not because I am lost, but because there are lessons to be learnt from the journey. However, I have to admit that I, myself have struggled with the concept of otherness. You know? This idea that those who are not like us are weird. This is why i’m glad I came across this new project, 7 Dutch Boys in Tokyo is all about how new generations are bringing new intelligence into the world by transcending national borders. Sharing intelligence is enjoyable enough, but when it’s done in a fashionable, tech-savvy, linguistic way, it’s golden to watch. 7 Dutch Boys in Tokyo cannot work without viewer support so head over to KickStarter to donate to the film project. Kickstarter is an easy way to help projects get up and running so don’t forget to be a sponsor for this awesome new show.

Here is the video depicting the project’s forthcoming series. 7 Dutch Boys in Tokyo is an independent project led by motivated people in the Netherlands whom I have personally met and have been inspired by. The men will also be visiting nearby Taiwan and Hong Kong. I can’t wait to see how they experience in the futuristic hub and perhaps I’ll be motivated to follow in their cultural footsteps one day..

Make a donation. Get involved. Join the discovery.

Contact: Anouar A Yousef nasomeerf.com


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