Sorry I Don’t Personally Care About the Illuminati..



Too many times I have been involuntarily thrown into a discussion about the “Dark side” of humanity… dun dun dun.. it’s the illuminati!

Well here’s my view:

Yes. There are organisations and cults in the world that have economic and political sway causing mass power to remain in the hands of the few. You can call this an oligarchy, the 1%, tyrants, leaders, devil worshippers or the “Secret Society”, but it’s all just another word for “elite”.

The elite have special control over special things. Wherever there are persons in the world, power hierarchies exist. This is a fact of political theory and praxis. The idea of a singular secret organisation operating the entire world is ridiculous considering the multi-faceted nature of power networks. There are many organisations which hold power and they are the real Illuminati.

There are too many scare tactics nowadays about how the illuminati are out to get us – Okay, I am not disputing these arguments – in fact I find many of them feasible (floride in water is one of them). However, I do not believe that the whole world is out to get me and that I am the centre of an elaborate brainwashing scam.

Look around you, you are being conditioned as we speak. There is no single moment where you are not essentially “brainwashed” by your childhood experiences, by the media or by your neurobiological tendencies. Programming is a common part of human nature since the larger masses are often unable to survive without some form of social norms, codes and ethics. If you feel that humans are slaves of the “illuminati”, then you must also accept that we are slaves of society

But, the “illuminati scaremongers”, as I like to call them, need to consider that my life is busy, I am busy constructing a sense of self, busy finding new ways to pay my rent, and maintain a social life, and take care of my family etc. I am not losing sleep over the illuminati and neither should you. I feel there are bigger fish to fry, like democratic deficits, the economic war on single moms, racial discrimination and etc.

Even if the illuminati- with all their goat sacrifices and destruction plans- is real, and they are plotting to control the shit out of us, how does big brother really affect you on a day to day basis? Is it something I need to be losing sleep over when there are more tangible, palpable, provable problems across our countries? Most of the information presented by illuminati enthusiasts is either a video by Alex Jones or articles about how Lady Gaga is making us all go to hell. What makes Alex Jones an authority on our global order? He also has an audience to entertain through grandiose speculations which he cannot empirically support. But, really what is so scary about the devil? I think he is a pretty cool guy.

The illuminati is just the elite of the world. They only have power if you give it to them (by talking about them). There’s no big cool fairytale story with a goblin breathing fire. It’s just intricate networks of power which coalesce to form a global order. It’s not that difficult if you view the illuminati through a political science lens, then it all makes sense. The IMF are the illuminati. The World Bank is the illuminati.

I’m not scared of the illuminati because I have more important ways to dedicate my thoughts and energies , i’d rather research about structural poverty, institutional discrimination, racial discrimination, sexist abuse, refugee crises, corporate monopolies of power etc. things that are destroying us at this present moment. In the meanwhile, any devil-reptilitan theories are going to stay in the back of my mind where they belong.


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  1. GemGirl says:

    I think you make some very good points about not being too fearful or overwhelmed by things outside of our control. But I also think that it’s important to recognize the existence of those considered Illuminati because they may be a different breed of humanity, and we do see the real-world effects of their thinking and actions in how diverse people are impacted by things such as extreme income inequality, poverty, racism and other issues you mention. A key is for us to recognize how we are affected by the programming of institutions that can strip humanity of hope. If the Illuminati are influencing us due to subconscious and unconscious factors, being aware is our best defense in order to resist their influence on our psyches and spirit.

    The truth is that those who lack conscience and lack empathy are problem people and should not have all power to shape human lives because we need folks with balanced perspectives combining reason and compassion. The Illuminati generally represents the sociopathic elements of the world and have power to create misery that is life-threatening for many who are deprived of basic things most human beings want for a quality life. We should not underestimate the impact of what lack of empathy creates in policies and practices that shape human lives on a daily basis because it can become a matter of life or death.

  2. Bonita1973 says:

    I don’t blame you. I don’t care about “Illuminati” anymore myself. I honestly think it’s part of a ploy to get Christians to shift our focus off Jesus so we can all be distracted and accept unGodly things into our lives as being normal out of fear and ignorance. I refuse to live my life focusing on things that make me feel paranoid. I focus on the things on the bible, not on the things in the media. Jesus warned Christians that troubles are in the world, but be of good Cheer. I have no time to focus on paranoia and things that make me afraid to face tomorrow. No thanks. My focus is on things above, not things below.

  3. Bonita1973 says:

    I don’t agree with you about the microchips though. That’s just unnecessary nonsense and I personally WILL NOT be getting microchipped. All part of the distraction.

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