The Badass Woman’s Manifesto


Baddass Rule N1: Step forward. Don’t shrink back.

The whole world wants you to quieten down, minimise yourself, be softer, more gentle, less demanding. Women are a powerful force and all the oppressors are aware of this. The boldest step you can take is showing that there is no force in the world strong enough to break you down. You own you. You are your own boss. You make your own rules. Let no oppressor bend you. There is nothing scary about being confident in your own power.

Baddass Rule N2: Own your flaws; they are your best feature.

They say; the best way to get to know someone is to find out about their weaknesses. Declare your flaws, own them. Accept yourself in all your grandeur. Women are the bearers of so much suffering, yet we rarely commend ourselves on our innate strength. We have flaws; but we are also kind, empathetic and nurturing. We have given birth to the earth. Your strength is a tower compared to your weaknesses, so stand tall. You are indestructible and there is nothing that you cannot recover from.

Badass Rule N3: Fear nothing and expect the worst

Trials and tribulations are testing, but they are a part of life. Always expect the worst because if the best happens; you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Murphy’s law; anything than can go wrong will go wrong. Stay away from worrying about things you cannot control and use a realistic attitude to always expect the worst; but remain hope for the best. Fear is a crippling feeling that makes us feel unworthy and guilty. Instead of focusing on your nerves; focus on your confidence and power. Fear of fear is useless. Put yourself first, respect your own principles, don’t bow to anyone’s will and be your own master. Fear absolutely nothing and no-body.

Badass Rule N4. Love is awesome, but don’t let it distract you.

Relationships are often the death of creativity. Co-dependence on your partner makes you less driven neurobiologically to fulfil the goals since you have a new focus (love is essentially bio-chemical addiction almost similar to a cocaine addiction). Stay alert. No D is worth losing success over. Don’t let any relationship stray you from your goals. If you set out to start a business; work on it. If you planned to write a book; write it. If you wanted to complete an educational degree; do it. There is no time like the present and there is plenty of time to settle down and co-habitate.

(*Also, there is no way like shutting down a sexist guy by using your career as a slap in the face of any man who wants to question your authority. Whenever i’m in a serious argument with a jerk-off, the conversation is always shut down after the fact that I mention my accolades. “You’re a dumb bitch” doesn’t really sound effective after I mention the fact I have 2 degrees) 

Badass Rule N5. Be deliberate and unapologetic in everything you do.

You do not need to apologise for being yourself. Don’t hesitate. You do not need to scale back yourself. Trust your gut because there is no force greater in the world than the power of a woman’s intuition. If someone wants you to change, or refine you, whittle you down or smoothen your edges; say no. You are deliberate. Everybody admires the bold; no one admires the timid. Speak with confidence, mean your words, make others happy, humble yourself and be your magically crazy self to the utter end.


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  1. godtisx says:

    This post is badass.

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