29 Questions to Ask on a First Date: Fuck Small Talk:

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 23.46.45.png

1. What’s your favourite colour? Why?

2. When you see yellow at a traffic light, does it mean”stop” or “speed up”?

3. Is technology your best friend?

4. What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever dreamed?

5. Have you ever had a conversation with your ego? And if so, what did it say?

6. Do you have mental power?

7. What’s the purpose of our planet?

8. Is there a God?

9. When is it necessary to self-love?

10. Are artists narcissistic?

11. What’s your idea of utopia?

12. Can politics be saved?

13. Can we exist without the collective?

14. What matters most to you?

15. Can you cry?

16. What does a moment represent to you?

17. How do you identify with your curiosity?

18. Can risky behaviour alter your environment?

19. What’s your relationship to language?

20. Define infinity

21. Do you believe in the slippery slope theory?

22. Can you measure time?

23. Where is the last place you time travelled to? and who were you with?

24. Can there be joy without pain?

25. What is the point of conception?

26. Does the artwork start after the paint hits the canvas or before the the paint hits the canvas? (trick question)

27. Are you afraid of dying?

28. Can you sum up how grateful you are?

29. What are thoughts?



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