Where is The Place You Are Hiding? Is There Room For me Too?

The stars align

The moon is half awake

Blue oceans regail in our presence

And time is stuck in an infinite loop

Trade me in for a stronger model because I am millions of pieces glued back together

I can’t help but notice that you smell of a higher power today

Is self-awareness your usual scent?

I haven’t seen you much around this event horizon and I’m wondering where you will end

Our tale feels centuries old, your hold; eons

Is love the only thing?

Are we written in the stars?

Does your soul live on any other plane other than this one?

Are there infinities in infinities lingering between us?

Is it time to stop thinking yet?

Can I time travel back to a moment where you and I have not decayed?

Is a captured soul ever enslaved?

Do you hear my pleas when you close your eyes?

Do all the moments we aren’t together get counted in the next life?

Can I rely on my intuition for everything?

Where is the place that you are hiding? Is there room for me too?

Does time only begin when we say it has?

Is forever breakable?

Can you return from the point of no return?

Can I ever get enough of silence?

Were you seeing enlightenment before me? What was she like?

I’m sorry that I am late getting ready to exist

You smell a little of relentless loving

Can I test this with an experiment in intimacy?

Are you lost on your way to my heart because I can feel you moving around in my stomach?

How do I know I’m dreaming you?

Or dreaming a dream of you?

Or dreaming a dream of us?

Or dreaming a dream where I’m dreaming this dream that I’m dreaming?

Can I bask in the light that hits the corners of your face for all of eternity?

I would like to rest by your iris

Setting up home north of your lips

The deeper your darkness

The softer your eyes glisten this evening

I will hold you as if we just met

To be as one with the essence of my soul

The dew in my spring

The light in my dreams

The soft touch of the wind.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ConcernedCitizen says:

    Such an inviting, even brilliant, exploration.

  2. This is beautiful, I hope you share more of your poetry.

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