You Are Whole

Recently I’ve been thinking about the concept of self-sacrifice. It made me want to write this piece to the person who has started to feel buried under his/her own life. You may feel inadequate, diminished or just plain tired. Life weighs heavily on you and you may feel as though you are drowning in anxiety or fear.

The magic has started to disappear and you are disenchanted. Colours are not as bright. Your day stretches out into time. Nothing satisfies you or holds your attention. Being present is not an option because you are always distracted. We cover up our inner-poverty with over-activity. I want you to know that you are whole. There is nothing missing in you. You may feel lost, uneasy or disassociated.

If you have fallen off or started to feel broken, I am here to tell you that you are whole. You are significant. Important. Necessary. Distinct.

You may be lingering in the background, not demanding any special attention or wielding your victim narrative. You are uninfected, unbounded and splendid. You can lose what you have, but you cannot lose what you are. You will always be vibrant and one day joy will become a reflex for you.

Pain sobers you. It gives you depth. It’s okay to fail. You may feel an overload of self-concern or shame, perhaps you have undergone a process of internalising what others think of you. Self-confidence is a coherent, structured story, it is a pleasurable pursuit. I want you to know that there is goodness out there, it’s not all bad. You are so much more than a homo-sapien, you are a story, a fragment of this dimension, an unending adventure, I wish I could show you how much you matter.

Sometimes we crash and burn. The mistakes form such an integral part of our journey, they teach us that we are processes, not projects. I want you to keep going, even if life has kicked you in the teeth, pick yourself up and keep going. Kindness has nothing to do with self-sacrifice, it is about extending to others the good we already feel for ourselves. I trust in your goodness. Life will reward you. The dawn will come. The other shore is to be found.


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