How to Make Sure Your Well Never Runs Dry

When joy is a habit; love becomes a reflex

Be a giver

Givers are people who extend themselves for the good of others without seeking any reward or gratification in return. Selflessness is rare in the rush of our modern society. When we give to others, we do it without seeking recognition, we give because we are nourished by the act of selflessness. Altruistic acts are magic, they are enchanting and they give us all a reason to live.

When we are internally secure we can share our happiness with others, creating wonderful interpersonal experiences that resonate for all of time, it is not that we self-sacrifice or allow our compassion to be taken advantage of- no. A giver uplifts and spread joy wherever and whenever possible, they enjoy giving not because it provides an attractive appearance to the public, but because the sense of compassion is from the depths of their heart.

End Judging And Labeling Tendencies

We are all tempted to judge and label others because this is how our brain processes complex images. We develop a clear intimacy with ourselves when we fully live by acceptance. This means that we judge nothing- not in our heads or out loud. Frankly, the one who reserves all judgements and commits to no side is released from the constant routine of conflict and comparison.

When we take up gratitude and humility there is simply no need to live our lives through content or information and we can stop treating people as projects, or results. A person who stands naked in a direct relationship with life practicies integrity by believing that all things hold a place and none of us have more or less intrinsic value than one another.

Always Take The High Road

In life we are often infected with other people’s emotions. We transmit and catch moods from one another in what amounts into a subterranean economy of the psyche. Operating as a mindless thermometer puts us at risk of picking up other people’s destructive insecurities which they can project onto us.

For example if one is being used a mirror for someone else’s self-hate, one is able to rise above the contamination by always taking the high road. It is better not to give a destructive person the pleasure of knowing that they have hit a nerve. Climb the higher summit of life by being friendly among the hostile and serene among those with weapons. A victor on all levels of existence never allows external hate or doubt to enter into one’s own sacred space of self-belief.

Take Care of Your Temple

Systematic stressors are stimuli that disrupt our body’s biological equilibrium. The more stress is absorbed into recurring systematic conditions our body responds with chronic overload otherwise known as allostasis. Our stress receptors start to respond less quicker making us more vulnerable to stress until it is a cycle spiralling out of control. We barely drink any water even though 70% of the time when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty. Water balances our lymph system, purges toxins from the blood and purifies the colon. Trust me, we can use more of it.

Deep breathing exercises are about more than just relaxing. It is a way of re-connecting with ourselves, giving us a chance to catch ourselves in the white noise of life. We require breathing exercises for stillness, clarity and to be carried through our minds without rushing or distractions.


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