“This website is my dialogue with you” — MN


Mohadesa Najumi is a British writer and existential thinker based in London. Mohadesa received her BA in Politics & History from the University of Westminster, London and she studied for her MSc in Political Science & International Relations at the University of Amsterdam. Mohadesa’s research concerns geo-politics, democracy, governance, social change, globalisation, secularism and racism. Her specialisation is in direct democracy, specifically in Venezuela. A prominent woman’s rights blogger and proclaimed intersectional feminist whose work been published across the globe, Mohadesa’s infamous ‘validation’ quote has been shared internationally by scholars, governments and artists alike. Mohadesa’s personal research lies in cultural anthropology, neuroscience, existentialist philosophy and social psychology. She is currently writing a book on personal development. Mohadesa also writes poetry. Contact her on mohadesan@gmail.com


15 Comments Add yours

  1. momin says:

    big fan of your work!

  2. hearabout says:

    I loved your article about the letter to women. Especially this bit: “All the years of having to suppress your sexuality for others, the doubts about your body, the pressure from everyone around you to be a lesser version of yourself. How can you not be angry?” So true and well said. Keep writing, keep shouting, you’re not alone. We are many!

  3. andbehold says:

    Miss your voice on Twitter! Hope you’re well. @andbhold

  4. evelyn says:

    i saw a quote of yours on pinterest. A woman who requires validation from no one is the most feared individual on the planet! Wow…..I love that statement and it puts into more eloquent terms a sticker I have had for years! LOL…”I don’t give a fuck what you think. Thank you…..I really like your writings and have shared a couple of them on my Facebook! I am following you now as well. keep up the good work! I am about to blast you on twitter too!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Stumbled upon one of your quotes and loved it. Read you short poem and absolutely loved it. Very profound ! You have definitely intrigued me – which is extremely hard to do. Look for forward to reviewing all your work.

  6. godtisx says:

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed, richly deserved. 🙂

  7. Emily says:

    Just used the following quote in my “women in history” class, It is one of the most powerful statements I have hear in my 52 yrs of life. Thank you for being an inspiration to all women “A women who does not require validations is the most feared individual on the planet “

  8. Hello, I hope this message finds you well, I am a Doula ( birth coach) based in Sydney Australia and am in the process of creating a pregnancy journal for women to be able to explore their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs through their pregnancy to help move them towards a satisfying and empowered birthing experience. I came across a quote of yours I would love to include:

    The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.

    Could you please let me know if I would be able to use the above quote in my journal.

    Many thanks,
    Brooke Martin

    1. Dear Brooke, Thank you for the work you are doing for women! I would be honoured to feature in your journal. Sending you all my love!

  9. joepeeer says:

    you write well , you think ….thats great. a bit 2 much make up. u dont need it ,

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